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  Monster Cable 6ft Gold Dvi-D Cable

Monster Cable 6ft Gold DviD Cable

MONSTER CABLE DVI400-2M DVI-D Triple Shielded Cable Gold - 6.5-Feet/2-Meters - Male to Male - (Bulk Pack)

Your Price $7.99
Mfg. Part# : DVI400-2M
Deal-Stop Part# : DVI4002M
Manufacturer : Monster Cable
Availability : In Stock
Product Condition : New
Warranty Lifetime Manufacturer Total Price : $7.99
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This ultra-high performance, videophile-quality DVI-D single-link cable for HDTV transmits a full bandwidth uncompressed pure digital signal from a source to your HD display. This cable is ideal for all single-link DVI connections including HDTV, set top boxes, DVD players, and A/V receivers. Maintains full bandwidth signal for the sharpest possible picture. Whether you're watching the ball game or an action-packed movie in high definition, without question, the picture quality is stunning. It could be better, though. For high definition all-digital video to look its best, the data must be transferred from your set top box or DVD player to your HD display in pure digital form. Unfortunately, this can't occur with analog video cable. Even high resolution component video is still an analog connection! In order for component video, or any other analog cable to do its job, your HDTV tuner, DVD player or other digital source must convert video data from the digital domain to analog, then back to digital. This conversion process can cause high frequency attenuation, and loss of resolution and detail. Monster DVI400 2M is a pure digital high bandwidth video interface. What you see on your screen is exactly what was digitally transmitted. DVI400 is designed to support the high bandwidth demands from your set top box to the HDTV display. DVI400 supports up to 24-bit digital RGB data behind each pixel for the highest quality image. You'll enjoy a razor sharp picture with incredible detail and vibrant, natural colors, even if you're forced to use long cable runs. You paid a lot extra to enjoy the benefits of digital source material (DVD/HDTV) and a digital display device (Plasma/HDTV). Why limit the performance of these cutting edge technologies by connecting them with less than the highest quality digital interface? Monster DVI400 helps you get all the performance you paid for!

  • 24k Gold Contacts - For optimum signal transfer
  • Oversized Powerscrew - For an air-tight connection that won't come loose and is eay to remove/install
  • Duraflex Protective Jacket - Flexible for easy routing and installation. Ultra-durable material protects cable no matter where you install it
  • Gas-Injected Cellular Dielectric - For high velocity, maximum signal strength, even over longer lengths
  • High Density Triple layer Shielding - Rejects radio frequency and electromagnetic interference for the clearest HDTV picture possible
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