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  Intel Axxdvdcdr Dvd/Cdr Slim For Sr1400

Intel Axxdvdcdr Dvd/Cdr Slim For Sr1400

Intel AXXDVDCDR DVD/CDR Slim Drive or SR1400 SR2400 Server

Your Price $19.00
Mfg. Part# : AXXDVDCDR
Deal-Stop Part# : DVIN001
Manufacturer : Intel
Availability : In Stock
Product Condition : New
Warranty 30 Days Total Price : $19.00
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All information on this page is provided for: Intel Axxdvdcdr Dvd/Cdr Slim For Sr1400, AXXDVDCDR, Intel AXXDVDCDR

Part #: DVIN001

Intel believes in innovation and is driven by it. Intel is behind everything from the fastest processor in the world to the cables that power high-speed Internet. Intel keeps innovating because it's part of its heritage. And because the technology it invents today will shape the world's future.

Product Description :DVD/CDR slimline drive for SR1400/SR2400. Supports DVD/CD and CD write
Product Type : DVD/CD slimline drive
Compatible Models :Intel® Server Board SE7520JR2
Intel® Server Chassis SR2400
Intel® Server Chassis SR1400
Intel® Server Chassis SR1350-E

Condition: New
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